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"We are One" is the essence of Bhagavad-Gita in one line nike roshe one flyknit nere , which reveals the spiritual secrets to achieving worldly peace and prosperity. We are reminded every year of the gruesome human tragedy that faced this planet earth on September 11, 2001. Every one of us, every rational thinking person living on this planet, has some unanswered questions that jolt our consciousness regarding the scale of hatred for fellow human beings. Some day in the future, the scientists would be able to know and link this force to the morphogenetic field of our hearts and how the higher levels of consciousness can enhance and develop this force with the purity of their intent; can manifest things and events by merely wishing, by the power of the nobility and intensity of their thought-waves. It took scientists thousands of years before they could decipher that the atom is not static or inert, and perhaps it will take another thousand years for the scientists to uncover this truth of the potency of this divine cosmic energy called by different names. We are on the threshold of evolutionary progress heralding the shift in the collective consciousness to emerge towards the collective good of mankind as a whole. The same energy manifests in all animate and inanimate things. The whole universe is permeated by this energy. Even animals have it-even plants have it. Large scale destruction of forests and man-made pollution can create imbalance-similarly killings of millions of animals, creates negative energy frequencies, producing calamities and occurrences in our ecosystems which are hard to justify at scientific levels. If the flapping of the wings of a hurt butterfly in Brazil or Australia can cause a storm in Texas -Imagine what the negative frequencies reverberating from the cries from the heart of the suffering humanity can do. What about the Einsteinian Pain Waves Theory(EPW) which gave rise to all natural calamities? Whether it is the humans or the animals nike roshe one donna , we cannot be happy if the rest of the world is suffering. Needless to say we are all one. "Idd NanMmam" the Vedic saying that implies "nothing to the little self but everything for society" and "Vishwa Bandhutwa" meaning universal love and brotherhood or the concept of One Family Global Village-it is about the time we patch up all our differences and start living from the heart-center. The famous verse from ManuSmriti: Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam which literally means that the entire world is but one family. We are all related to eachother since the beginning of time. What good is it if we don't love eachother and we have only hatred for each other. Our lives and our environments are interconnected and interrelated to he sun, the moon, the sky, the clouds, the wind, the rivers, and the oceans. To know and appreciate this interconnectedness we have to dig deep into our hearts and set aside all the outer differences, then only we can live in peace. It is only when our hearts brim with the feelings of selfless love and compassion for others that this feeling of love and brotherhood is brought about between all the people and amongst all the nations, in the spirit of oneness from within the hearts. Healing The Hearts It is no secret that we live in a world where we need to open prison gates not for free men to go in nike roshe one uomo , but for those imprisoned to come out. We need to start reducing the prisons and adding new institutions of learning, medical facilities and research centers to create new jobs by teaching them the new technologies and new skills and services to heal bodies, minds and hearts now. We live in a world where the terrorists and the soldiers need to stop their fire now. We need to win the much larger struggle, worldwide, for the emancipation of the human spirit and to restore human dignity from political tyranny and mass scale oppression now. This has to be done now. In an age where violence, strife and tension has become a way of life, I applaud the modern day seers, the likes of Dalai Lama, Dada J.P. Vaswani nike blazer mid suede vintage donna , Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, and host of others, I call them the global visionaries, who are spreading the word of unconditional love, higher spiritual values and peace. The only secure and lasting foundation of peace is not through weapons of mass destruction or making of powerful military alliances but in solving the problems of human existence. When every race on this planet is united by the common bond of love from the heart and brotherhood of mankind, then it does not matter whether it is civilized or uncivilized, black or brown and white or yellow. When social institutions of various countries will not discriminate between man and man, when privileged classes would not claim undue privileges leopard print nike blazers , when various religious faiths will live in harmony and shake off fanaticism, intolerance and bigotry and when the only religion they practice is love that stems from the core of their hearts; love that spreads love through thoughts, words and actions, then only we will have peace. What is needed is the unity of all religions in Universal Brotherhood and family of mankind, where love becomes the chief tenet of all religions, in the service of mankind. I have so much to say but no words can say what my heart can say without saying a word, those who are reading these words, I just want to say: Go! look deep within the inner recesses of your heart and see with the eyes of compassion, kindness and humanity nike roshe one saldi , to realize that while a few of the privileged among us live in absolute luxury, while half the world subsists on less than $30- per month, half the population of this planet has never used a modern toilet or a phone or much less drank clean water or been out of the village they were born in. Wars have been fought in the name of peace or domination of one group of people by another.

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