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Your belief creates the fact.
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Mindset Over Materials: The Secret Weapon of Sustainable Sales Suess plus articles and information on Sales Long-term sales suess has less to do with skills or knowledge than you might think. Nor are stunning brochures or excellent products guaranteed to make one iota of impact over time. Unless certain critical elements already exist in the salesperson adidas schuhe kaufen schweiz , providing training and tools in hopes of improving performance does nothing more than giving a PGA golfer's best driver to an amateur. The club itself can't make someone a pro. Yet a pro can take a cheap driver and make a better shot than an amateur with the best and biggest Big Bertha has to offer. Likewise, you probably know one or two standouts who have excelled without classic sales training, without flashy support materials for their products, and even without a superior product to represent. Then what makes the difference? If it's not remarkable closing ability, appealing brochures, outstanding product knowledge, or relentless objection handling... if it's not talent or brainpower or tools that create sustained suess nike air max 90 essential damen günstig , what is it? In more than twenty years studying the top performers in many fields, I've discovered the mysterious X-factor is mindset: a group of attitudes, understandings, beliefs, and resulting behaviors. Whether you're talking about golf or sales or any other pursuit, the same principle applies. Ultimately, the mindset creates top performance nike air max 90 hyperfuse kaufen schweiz , excellent production numbers, and prosperity for both the salesperson and the pany he or she represents. Creating a mindset of sustained suess requires you to focus on three key areas: The beliefs you have about yourself; The attitudes you have about your customers, product, and industry; The ownership you take of your own suess. The Inner Game of Sales You have to see yourself as suessful in the inner game in order to be suessful in the outer game. When you give that "mand" to the unconscious mind -- when you imagine how you'll feel, look and sound when you are producing at the level you desire -- the mind thinks it's already ourred and calls for an encore performance in the real world. The first step to changing your own "mental programming" is to recognize it. Think about it. Think about why you don't do what you know intellectually you should. Then start thinking about what's behind it. What do you have to believe about yourself, your world, your product nike air max command damen billig , your industry, to cause this behavior to our? Some mon underlying beliefs that regulate salespeople's performance are "I need more training and skills before I can sueed." "I'm not worthy of earning more than..." "I am not good at cold calling." "I'm not able to talk to (or get to) the decision makers at the top." Once the underlying belief is uncovered, a new belief must be chosen. The new belief can be the opposite or an "antidote" to the old one, such as "I have unlimited life knowledge and experience." New beliefs must then be "installed." Specifically, the new belief must be supported by both evidence and habit. Start by answering a simple question: What will I have to see, hear, and feel to cement this belief? Then begin vividly visualizing these results at least twice a day. (Note: the mind is most open to suggestion first thing in the morning just after waking and the last thing at night before sleep.) Many people think that results build belief nike air max 2015 herren günstig , and in some cases this is true, but it's more often the inverse. Remember the chain: thoughtword-image-emotion-action-result. You must be able to see yourself already in possession of the oute of the new belief. Champions in any field create an unbending belief in themselves, program themselves to continually find evidence to support its truth, then consistently and vividly see themselves in possession of the desired goal. William James, the father of modern psychology, said, "Your belief creates the fact." Now Forget Sales nike air max 2015 kaufen , and Focus on Your Customers Once you've visualized yourself achieving your goals and removed any psychological obstacles, it's time to put those goals aside and focus on the customer. Again, this all happens in your mind, but it has a profound impact on the way you affect your outer world. Today's customers and clients require a new attitude, one that offers something rather than asks for something. In a high-tech society, high touch is highly valuable. The new-school salesperson focuses on giving instead of getting, on service instead of sales. Always a man ahead of his time nike air max thea günstig schweiz , Henry Ford captured this mindset eloquently: "Wealth will never be achieved when sought after directly; it only es as a by-product of providing useful service." This level of service takes some guts. Sometimes you have to tell people what they don't want to hear. Sometimes, you even have to say, "Maybe I'm not the best for you... I'd like to send you to someone who will be." Service means that you're no longer willing to do whatever it takes for the sale. Now you'll do whatever it takes for the customer -- because it's the customer who makes or breaks your business, not an isolated transaction. Old Hat, New Head: Take Ownership of Your Suess Have you heard these ideas before? Are you utilizing them as you should? If not, why not? Likewise, are there other nike roshe run palm trees schweiz , obvious principles of business suess you've overlooked? Sales suess grows out of a fundamental mindset, based on some ideas that may be "old hat" but require a "new head" to fit you. I operate from the premise that you know what you need to do, and you have what you need to create a six- or seven-figure ine. Most salespeople have heard all the "magic bullet" ideas and pitches. But until you begin to think in new ways, you will never apply these time-tested principles.  

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Brand Sunglasses Wholesale · Brand Sunglass Wholesale
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