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Brand Sunglasses Wholesale · Brand Sunglass Wholesale
This is known as paid search marketing.
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A few of our clients have been asking us to put together a simplified version of what an SEO company actually does. Without boring you with the complex details of algorithms and technical software capabilities an on SEO company Manchester or SEO agency Manchester will do a lot of complex things both to your website (this is known as "on page" work) and link building activities (this is known as "off page work"). All the activities that occur are generally to help your website rank higher for your chosen keywords. So let's keep things simple and start off at the basics. There are 2 ways you can attract traffic to your website:- Firstly www.asicsgellyteshop.fr/asics-gel-lyte-shop/asics-gel-lyte-2.html , Pay Per Click Advertising. This is known as paid search marketing. Basically you draft an advertisement within your Google Analytics Account using closely related keywords and hey presto, someone clicks onto your advertisement and visits your site. For this you will pay a fee which is basically dependent upon the keyword chosen, page landing score and what your competitors are willing to pay. If done correctly PPC can be quite effective www.asicsgellyteshop.fr/asics-gel-lyte-shop/asics-gel-lyte-5.html , however, when you stop paying your campaigns dry up and there's no more visitors to your website. Secondly, there's SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is known as organic search marketing and consists of optimising your website both "on page" and "off page" by link building. It's generally considered that organic traffic is better to have than PPC or targeted traffic. This is where SEO companies play a key role. If you need to attract new customers and sell products from your website then you definitely need our SEO services Manchester. As an SEO company Manchester we realise that we have to start inspecting what we already have... and this in a nutshell is your website and what keywords or key phrases you want to attract business for. So we start going through the various processes below in order to fully optimise your website in preparation for the search engines:- 1)SEO Website Audit - Using the latest technical software we conduct an extensive SEO audit on your website. Often this audit will show up any irregularities or issues within your website which need to be addressed. Our audit will also give you recommendations or work that you can carry out in order for your website to be search engine friendly. 2)Market Analysis - Our SEO audit also includes extensive market and competitor research. This involves us ranking your website against those of your competitors www.asicsgellyteshop.fr , and the analysis we obtain provides us with a thorough understanding of what SEO services Manchester we have to do in order to get your site ranked higher than those of your competitors. Whilst carrying out this research we also search for marketing niche's where you can beat your competitors by taking a "sideways" approach as opposed to having a headlong battle, which sometimes can be costly. 3)Onsite Optimisation - Our SEO services also include things like optimising title tags, header tags www.asicsgellyteshop.fr/nike-air-max-chaussures/air-max-command.html , meta data, URLs, codes www.asicsgellyteshop.fr/nike-air-max-chaussures/air-max-97.html , and website content. We also make sure you website site-map is working and in synch with delivering new information to the search engines. We also scan and remove any duplicate content that we find as this can be penalised by the search engines and affect your ranking. 4)Offsite Optimisation - This consists of building links to your website. It's probably one of the most labour intensive tasks that an SEO agency Manchester will perform. In a nut shell a link serves a vote for your website to the search engines so it is very important that as well as getting lots of related links that you get good quality back links. For instance, there's no point in having 5,000 back links to your site from unrelated sources. Link like with like.Google likes to see that your website is linking to similar companies such as yourself www.asicsgellyteshop.fr/new-balance-574-classic.html , so you become an expert in your subject matter. 5)Conversion Analysis - Landing traffic to your website is useless if it is not converting into a sale. You need to ensure that when a visitor lands on your website that he does indeed stay there, andthat he finds the information he is looking for. If you find visitors are leaving your site very quickly then you need to understand why and make changes to the pages involved. Consider adding a call to action like "call us now " or adding a fill in form with a free brochure or useful information download. 6)Traffic Analysis - As part of our ongoing SEO Services we also analyse the traffic source of all your visitors. We provide this report to you on a monthly basis. As it shows the path of a visitor (where they land, where they go and where they exit) it's a very interesting report and it can identify pages or areas within your site which may need a bit of extra work doing on them. The stats also show us new traffic versus existing traffic so we can see how organically your website is growing. 7)Rank Analysis - The all important report which is done monthly and which shows you how your keywords are performing in the various search engines. You can also find out for yourself just how well your SEO campaign is doing by searching online (remember to switch off local searches if you're looking for national keywords). 8) Competitor Analysis - Using our latest SEO Tools and technology you can be rest assured that we are keeping a close eye on your competitors. Your competitors will also be keeping a close eye on you once they see that you have knocked them down in the page rankings. SEO is an art and cannot be done overnight. The more competitive your market www.asicsgellyteshop.fr/new-balance-574-classic/new-balance-574-homme.html , the more work that has to be done in order to get to the top of the search engines. SEO requires tenacity, extensive SEO knowledge and lots of hard labour. You also need an SEO agency that will take out the complexities of this process and devise you on online keyword marketing strategy which should deliver results within 3 to 4 months.

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Brand Sunglasses Wholesale · Brand Sunglass Wholesale
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